Our Services

Every company is different; different growth stages, different challenges, different resources. Purple Crown Communications offers a variety of services that can be tailored to each client's needs, and we believe that companies should operate their investor relations programs according to current best industry practice. We advise our clients accordingly, helping them communicate news and information to brokers, analysts and investors regularly and consistently, with special attention to timing, positioning, accuracy and fair disclosure policies.


  • Investor relations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Property brokering
  • Regional and International Road Shows
  • Strategic one-on-one meetings with Retail, Analysts, & Fund Managers
  • Financing
  • Public and media relations

For a detailed outline of how Purple Crown can assist your company, please contact us directly at +1.604.609.6169 or by email at info [at] purplecrown [dot] ca for more information.

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